General Terms and Conditions

1. Participation and Registration

(1) Participation in our courses is open to everybody interested in education aged 18 or older. Younger people may join our classes by arrangement with TANDEM Hamburg e.V.

(2) You may book via our online booking form or send your enrolment to us by email, fax or standard mail or hand it in at our office in person.

(3) Within a week at the latest you will receive a written booking confirmation from us by email, fax or standard mail. Only this amounts to a contract with TANDEM Hamburg e.V.

(4) If for your language sojourn a visa for the Federal Republic of Germany is required, a contract will only come about on condition that you make an advance payment. This will be credited towards fees incurring:

a) the costs of the first 4 course weeks for a booking of up to 12 weeks
b) a lump sum of € 1,500.00 for a booking of 13 to24 weeks
c) a lump sum of € 3,000.00 for a booking of over 24 weeks
d) € 200.00 of this advance payment is considered a security deposit. If no contract between TANDEM Hamburg and you is concluded, fees already paid exceeding the security deposit will be returned to you immediately.

Note: In many countries, the German foreign missions or the authorities in Germany respectively demand a receipt documenting the complete payment of the fees. These exceed the amounts shown above. In these cases, paragraph d) also applies.


2. Beginning, Duration and Organisational Amendments

(1) TANDEM Hamburg offers its courses in the shape of face-to-face and online classes.

(2) The beginning, duration, location and schedule of the courses are described in the course programme(s).

(3) Intensive courses are to be booked for a minimum period of one week.

(4) Ongoing evening and intensive courses may be joined after a placement test and - if requested - a free trial session.

(5) In exceptional cases the location of the language training in our face-to-face courses may be transferred within a reasonable distance. Moreover, training staff in all courses may be changed, in so far as it is of substantial interest to TANDEM Hamburg e.V. for extraordinary circumstances (e.g. sick leave of training staff). Participants will be informed of this immediately.

(6) There is no language training on public holidays.


3. Terms of payment

(1) Upon sending you your booking confirmation you will receive an invoice on services booked.

(2) The amount invoiced is falling due four weeks prior to the beginning date of the course. If bookings are made later than four weeks prior to the beginning date of the course, the amount invoiced is falling due immediately.

(3) For courses with a duration of more than one month, payment in instalments may be arranged.

(4) Subject to fig. 6 and 7 payment obligation persists even if the classes are not attended or only attended in parts or if attendance is discontinued.

(5) All bank charges incurred with payment of your course fees are for your account.

(6) For transfers please use the following account:

TANDEM Hamburg e.V.

Postbank Hamburg
(Postbank - eine Niederlassung der Deutsche Bank AG)
Überseering 26, 22297 Hamburg

IBAN: DE 89 2001 0020 0004 2442 09


4. Change of Booking

(1) In exceptional cases, a change of reservation (e.g. a change of the beginning date of your course) is possible and is made in arrangement with TANDEM Hamburg e.V.

(2) Your first change of reservation can be made free of costs, for every other change of reservation we charge a fee of 50.00 EUR.


5. Minimum Number of Participants, Non-implementation

(1) For implementation of our group courses, a minimum number of 5 participants is necessary, unless otherwise stated or explicitly agreed otherwise.

(2) In case there are not enough registrations for a course, or implementation of the course is not possible for reasons beyond TANDEM Hamburg's responsibility, the school is not obliged to run the course. For this case TANDEM Hamburg reserves the right to cancel the course or to decrease the number of lessons with the students' consent.

(3) You will be informed of non-implementation without delay and shall be reimbursed for payments already made immediately.


6. Cancellation of the Contract

a) Language Courses:
(1) It is possible to cancel your contract up until four weeks prior to the beginning of the course. In this case you will have to pay a service charge of 50.00 EUR. If for this language sojourn a visa had to be acquired, the service charge will equal the security deposit of 200.00 EUR. There will be no service charge if a participant replacing the original participant the booking was made for can be found in good time.

(2) It is your right to establish that costs have not arisen or have arisen to a substantially smaller amount.

(3) Cancellations have to be made in text form.

(4) Only single tuition may be cancelled up until 24 hours (only weekdays) prior the session arranged.


Please see here our updated booking conditions for the Corona period.


b) Language Examinations:
(1) telc exams:
In the case of cancellation before the registration closing date, we will refund the examination fee, minus a processing fee of €50.00. Later cancellations are not possible. Exception: If you are ill on the examination day, please inform us immediately via email at and provide a medical certificate within 4 days. In this case, we will refund the examination fee minus a processing fee of €50.00.

(2) TestDaF exams:
In the case of cancellation before the registration closing date you will be charged a processing fee amounting to 15% of the examination fee. A later cancellation is not possible.


All cancellations have to be made in text form.


7. Termination

(1) For courses with a duration of more than three months a termination of the contract is possible for the first time with a deadline of six weeks towards the end of the third month of the beginning date of the course. After this, an ordinary termination is possible any time with a deadline of six weeks towards the end of a month.

(2) For courses with a shorter duration ordinary termination is excluded.

(3) This does not affect statutory cancellation rights in exceptional circumstances.

(4) Termination of the contract has to be made in text form.

(5) In case of a termination you will have to pay the course fees in relation to the course hours already taken place; in addition, a flat reimbursement of expenses of 10% of the remaining course fees is to be paid.

(6) If you are responsible for the reason of terminating the contract, or if the termination by TANDEM Hamburg e.V. was caused by behaviour contrary to contract, you will have to pay the course fees in relation to the course hours already taken place plus damages caused by contract adjournment of 50% of the remaining course fees.

(7) It is your right at any time to establish that costs or damages have not arisen or have arisen to a substantially smaller amount.

(8) In contrast it is TANDEM Hamburg's right to establish that a higher amount than the flat rate has incurred and to assert this amount.


8. Liabilities

(1) With the exception of damages arising out of death, injury to body or health, liability for all other damages is excluded by TANDEM Hamburg e.V.; this does not apply to damages caused by an act of gross negligence or careless neglect of duty through TANDEM Hamburg e.V. or a legal representative or vicarious agent of TANDEM Hamburg e.V. or if the damages are caused by a neglect of relevant contractual duties by TANDEM Hamburg e.V. Relevant contractual duties are those duties the fulfilment of which are imperative for an orderly execution of the contract and the achievement of the subject of the contract, and the abidance of which you may expect as a rule.

(2) Liability for damages that are insured according to customs in this particular trade is also excluded.

(3) In cases where TANDEM Hamburg e.V. is also liable for simple negligence, liability for property damage and pecuniary loss not covered by the contract, and unforeseeable property damage and pecuniary loss is excluded.


9. Data protection

Data protection is of a particularly high priority for the management of the TANDEM Hamburg e.V.. The processing of personal data, such as the name, address, e-mail address, or telephone number will only be collected and used for administrative requirements and will at no time be passed on to third parties.

Closer information on this can be found in our privacy policy declaration according to GDPR, which you can refer to here.


TANDEM Hamburg 01 January 2022


You can download this document here as a PDF.


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