MoLLViS: Mobile Language Learning for Visually Impaired Students

code: 543281-LLP-1-2013-1-IT-KA2-KA2MP

Duration: 01/01/2014 - 31/12/2015


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For a visually impaired (vi) person language learning is the main road towards effective communication, social inclusion and job opportunity.

In this context, mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers can offer new ways of language learning able to provide a consistent help in the social integration of this category of subjects.

The previous European projects ALLVIP ( , ELLVIS ( and VET4VIP ( created computer-based language courses for vi learners; The project MoLLVIS has instead the aim to create German language learning apps for Windows, Apple and Android devices based on the results of those previous projects.

As a result the existing ALLVIP, ELLVIS and VET4VIP courses can be used on several (mobile) devices and operating systems.

Considering the wide application of the new technologies, we expect this system of flexible use of teaching content to have a considerable impact. As the user-interface is designed to be also attractive to sighted learners, the impact goes beyond the group of vi students and will reach a wide audience. 


Picture of a touchscreen with mollvis app



The Partnership

UICI, Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired Florence (IT)

The Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired, founded 1920 in Florence, has more than 100 local branches in all Italian provinces. The UICI is member of the European Union of the Blind as well as of the World Blind Union. Our mission is to facilitate social integration of the visually impaired (VI) persons and to promote a more realistic aptitude of Public Authorities.

Centro Machiavelli Tandem Florence (IT)

The Machiavelli School was founded in 1978. Among the many teaching methods available, the Machiavelli Centre chose the “communicative approach”. One of our principal objectives is to promote the interaction between students and real daily life in Florence and in Italy, by providing linguistic and cultural tools and creating opportunity for exchanges.

Berufsförderungswerk Würzburg gGmbH (DE)

The BFW Würzburg gGmbH is a nationwide social service provider for vocational rehabilitation and training of adult people who are blind or visually impaired. The primary aim of the BFW is the reintegration of blind and visually impaired people for for their professional and social life.

TANDEM Hamburg horizont dialogo e.V. (DE)

TANDEM Hamburg is a well-established adult training institute in Hamburg. Tandem is known for modern language training, for a high-quality, efficient and personalised training in (vocational) education.

GedonSoft GmbH

The Bremen company GedonSoft (GS) was founded in 2002 by Hans Riepe-Gedon in order to develop innovative and professional software solutions. GedonSoft provides state-of-the-art individual programming services in a variety of programming languages to the requirements of their customers.

Asociatia Nevazatorilor Brásov (RO)

Established on April 1st, 1961 as a branch of the Romanian Association of the Blind, the Brásov Association of the Blind is a non-governmental organisation of public utility, with socio-cultural, educational, sportive and humanitarian profiles, based mainly on volunteering. The Brasov Association of the Blind acts for the integration of visually impaired people in the economic, social-professional, cultural-artistic and sportive life of the county.

Centrul Cultural German Brásov (RO)

Our mission is to impart the German language and culture and to sustain dialogue and European values. The German Cultural Centre aims at encouraging Romanian – German partnerships and providing a current picture of the German culture. The language department offers language courses for German as a foreign language, for adults or for children.

The Moray House of Education University of Edinburgh

The Moray House School of Education (UEDIN ) is a school within the College of Humanities and Social Science at the University of Edinburgh. Moray House School of Education has a well-established international reputation for research and teaching. One unit of the Moray House School of Education, the Scottish Sensory Centre promotes and supports new developments and effective practices in the education of people with sensory impairments, that is; visual impairment, deaf and deafblind.

Bartiméus Onderwijs

Bartiméus Onderwijs (BO) is an organization which provides services for the partially sighted and blind. Bartiméus supports partially sighted and blind children, young people, adults and the elderly so that they can live, study and work as independently as possible.

Corporate Quilt B.V. (previously Capital Language Services B.V.)

Corporate Quilt is the new name for the B.V. (since 2002) which was previously called Capital Language Services (CLS) (since 1996). After selling the language training activities and the trade name, a new name and identity was developed, which is Corporate Quilt. We focus on corporate communication consultancy and select high quality service providers to provide professional communication services aimed at specific (international) companies, target groups, objectives and activities.

Agens Arbeitsmarktservice gGmbH

Agens, founded in 1998, is a non-profit organisation offering social services for employment, training and job placement. Currently, agens has 50 permanent employees, 316 employees in job creation measures, and offers its services to approximately 500 further participants. Within this context, agens provides services for and with people with special needs. Accessibility issues are a major focus of agens’ work and approach.


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