Corporate courses - our course modules

Basic Module (CEF A1 to A2)

Language training for students with little or no previous knowledge. In the beginning, you need practice and self-confidence in using the foreign language above all. We give you this, and focus on your professional background and requirements from day one.

Autonomy Module (CEF B1 to B2)

You speak the language already and are at between intermediate and advanced levels. You are concerned with regaining confidence. We will assist you and offer a revision of grammar and vocabulary and help you use the foreign language in your business context: Topics are the workplace, working routines, the company structure, introductions, making appointments, clearing facts, correspondence and telephoning, and presentations.

Proficiency Module (from CEF B2) 

You are now training the confident use of the foreign language in a business-related context. The training will be concerned with learning how to use appropriate language in trade meetings, negotiations, when technical details need to be explained, and, last but not least, during informal meetings 'after hours'. You will be made fit to take part in conferences and seminars and play an active role in discussions.    

Please take a look at our fact sheets with extensive course descriptions!

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