Corporate Training: Language courses for your job

No matter what your line of business is:

You need foreign languages – we have the expert staff and the skills you are looking for.




Corporate Training – The Programme


We are setting up our course modules in close cooperation with you; as a general rule we are designing the best course structure after a placement test and a needs assessment.

Our modules follow the European Framework for Language Learning (CEF) and are additionally oriented at other international requirements and certificates you may want need (e.g. TOEFL, TOEIC or BEC).


Single and group trainings


Is your training requirement best met in single trainings or in groups? We will be happy to counsel you, and will decide on all following steps in cooperation with you.

Business Weekend, Whole-day and Intensive Training (all levels)

While your week's schedule is just too packed already, and you simply can't find the time for an additional regular appointment: Our weekend seminars will help you to master the language for situations relevant for your job.

These course types for weekends, whole-day seminars, intensive training and formation as well as conference monitoring are especially effective for targeted classes for company departments or vocational programmes.


CEF, exams and certificates


Our courses and examinations are oriented at internationally recognised standards and at the "Common European Framework for Languages" (CEF) by the European Council.

TOEFL, TOEIC and TELC – a system of language tests that we offer as a chance to further qualify and certify your staff and as a human resources management tool. Our exams and certificates can be found at the most common and most important levels B1, B2 and C1. Please enquire about examination dates (which we will be glad to arrange promptly) and about special preparation classes.


Quality – Flexibility – Fairness:

Proficient staff and excellent materials


There is certainly a big difference between merely speaking a foreign language and being able to teach it. Therefore we make sure our trainers are personally and professionally qualified for teaching foreign languages to adults. They have special qualifications in various fields and – obviously, as native speakers – an exceptional linguistic proficiency.

Before, during or after work – there is a good reason for every schedule you may want to follow. Therefore you do not have to adjust to our timetable, but we will be there when you need us. Classes may of course take place in our friendly well-lit classrooms in the heart of Hamburg (close to the underground train station 'Baumwall' and Hafencity).

We do not believe in the 'one teaching book for all opportunities'. Your wishes, requirements and your language levels play the most important role when we choose materials. We work with the most recent language learning publications with focuses on everyday language, technical communication and business and trade terminology and skills. Moreover, we use especially developed materials, such as lesson plans, texts, audio and video materials as well as blended learning programmes and communicative skills exercises.


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