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Our exams take place at our school, obviously following our hygiene rules.





The TestDaF exam is a nation-wide, standardised test for German as a Foreign Language in a university context.

TestDaF comprises the levels B2 to C1. With a minimum score of 15 points, three parts of test showing a result of at least 4 points and one part of at least 3 points, you prove that your knowledge of German is good enough for studying at Hamburg University. For taking up studies at HAW Hamburg (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences) and the TUHH a score of 16 points is required.


Are you ready for the TestDaF exam? Here you can do a quick test.


TestDaF: digital and paper-based

As of 2022, TestDaF examinations are offered in 2 formats: digital and paper-based.

With the digital paper-based TestDaF examination, the entire examination is done on a computer where the program sets the speed and order of the questions. Longer thinking time or moving back-and-forth through the questions are not possible. The digital version has more, but smaller, questions in comparison to the paper-based version. What's also new with the digital TestDaF examination version is that there are also integrated tasks where, for example, a text is read and then orally summarized.

You can find out more about the digital TestDaF examination here.


Please note: When choosing your examination date that the results from the paper-based examination generally take 6 weeks. For the digital TestDaF version, about 4 weeks.



Exam dates and fees

You may book here online and pay per credit card or by direct debit. If you would rather do this in cash or per electronic cash, please see us at the school office.
We will give you a TAN code, which you can then use for your online registration.



NOTE: We have 30 seats per examination.  10 of these are reserved for participants in our TestDaF preparation courses. Please be advised to register as eary as possible, as examination spaces tend to be fully booked shortly after the beginning of the registration period.



Exam fees

€ 195,00


Exam date

Registration period

Results available online*




ab 14.09.21 ab 21.12.21




Format of exam

Exam date

Registration period

Results available online*



22.11.21 – 09.02.22

from 17.03.22



22.11.21 – 24.02.22

from 05.05.22



22.11.21 – 18.04.22

from 24.05.22



22.11.21 – 20.04.22

from 29.06.22



22.11.21 – 06.06.22

from 12.07.22



09.08. – 05.09.22

from 11.10.22



18.08. – 15.09.22

from 24.11.22



05.10. – 02.11.22

from 08.12.22



 * The date mentioned here refers to the publication of results on the candidates' portal at www.testdaf.de.


Please click here for all information 2022 on this exam at a glance.



Where, when and for how long: Examination times and duration

* The exam takes place at TANDEM Hamburg.

* The examination consists of four parts and takes approx. 195 minutes plus breaks.

The small print: Examination cancellation

* In the case of cancellation before the registration closing date, we will refund the examination fee, minus a processing fee of € 50.00. Later cancellations are not possible.

Before your examination: Preparation possibilities

For this exam we offer a preparation course :

•          You will get to know the various types of tasks and their assessment criteria

•          You will train supporting exam strategies and techniques

•          You will simulate real exam situations

• You will enhance your academic vocabulary



You will find further details on the TestDaF (mock exams, preparation materials) here.



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