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Bildungsurlaub - what exactly is that?

Educational leave, also referred to as educational holiday, is understood as time off paid by the employer to let the employee participate in a further education programme. The lawmakers created possibilities in which the employee does not have to finance the further education exclusively themselves. Under Federal State  laws, employees are thus entitled to annual educational leave.

The entitlement to educational leave is linked to various criteria.


The purpose of educational leave:

In all participating Federal States, further education must be vocationally or politically oriented. In Bremen, Saarland and Schleswig-Holstein, general continuing education is also recognised.


Formation of the entitlement:

The employee's entitlement to educational leave only arises after a waiting period of 6 months.


Time off:

In principle, the employee is entitled to 5 working days of educational leave per calendar year. In some Federal States there is a regulation according to which 10 working days can be claimed in two calendar years.


Claiming and refusal of educational leave:

Educational leave must be registered with the employer four to six weeks before the start of the further education event (depending on the federal state) and proof of participation must be provided (submission of the registration and the programme). For its part, the employer must respond immediately. In Berlin, Hesse and Lower Saxony, a refusal must be made in writing. As a rule, only operational concerns can be considered as a reason for refusal. The employee is not entitled to time off to attend a training event if he has not informed the employer of his intention to attend at least four or six weeks (depending on the federal state) before the event begins. These days may not be deducted from the holiday entitlement.


Morte information:

As educational leave is a matter of the Federal States, we recommend that you obtain further information that is applicable to the Federal State in which you work or in which you have your main area of work. In some sectors, corresponding regulations are also part of collective agreements; so even if there are no legal regulations on educational leave in your federal state, it is worthwhile to do some research.


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