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As a member of the international TANDEM network, we share the values and quality standards of recognised language schools in Europe and Latin America. We regularly exchange information about the latest developments in language learning and teaching, thus ensuring the quality of our schools. All schools have the TANDEM language learning method in common, an additional offer to the lessons, where you can immediately apply what you have learned and meet nice people at the same time. Those who prefer digital learning can also find a language partner through our cooperation partner TANDEM App.

TANDEM® language learning partnerships

TANDEM® language learning partnerships

TANDEM® is a method of learning language through exchange. The idea is simple but fascinating: "I help you learn my language and you teach me yours." You and your TANDEM meet as often as you have time, for an hour or more. Half of the time you speak in one language and half in the other. The two of you take turns being teacher and pupil. Whether in a café, on a walk or doing activities together, you not only learn languages in an entertaining way, but also get to know nice people and other cultures.

And how does this work?

It's very simple: you come to our school during office hours, fill in a TANDEM card with your personal details and the language you want to learn and put it on our TANDEM board. Your card is then accessible to all interested parties and you can be contacted personally. You can also take this opportunity to see for yourself which partners might be suitable for you.

This service is free of charge for you.


TANDEM International

TANDEM International

TANDEM International is a network of language schools in Europe and South America that stand out for their high quality, the effectiveness of their teaching and their friendly atmosphere.

Our partner schools in Germany:


Our partner schools in Spain and Chile:



The TANDEM app

The TANDEM app

With over five million members and more than 150 languages, TANDEM is the world's largest community for language lovers. By matching topics, like-minded language learners find each other and work together with their language partner via text messages, audio and video chat to reach their learning goals. Functions such as in-app translations or corrections by the language partner facilitate the learning process and help members to achieve their learning goals quickly and easily. More information is available at