The TestDaF is a central, standardised test for German as a foreign language in a university context and takes place in 2 formats: digital and paper-based.

In the digital TestDaF, the entire test is taken on the computer, the programme sets the speed and the sequence of the tasks. It is no longer possible to linger for a longer period of time or to jump back and forth between individual tasks. The digital TestDaF includes more but smaller tasks. For example, in reading and listening comprehension there are 7 tasks each instead of 3. New in the digital TestDaF are also integrated tasks, e.g. a read text must be summarised orally.

The TestDaF certificate is recognised by all German colleges and universities.


TestDaF at a glance

  • Examination fee digital TestDaF: € 210.00; Examination fee paper-based TestDaF: € 215.00
  • The examination will take place at TANDEM Hamburg. The paper-based TestDaF starts at 10:00 a.m. (identification check from 9:00), the digital TestDaF starts at 10:45 a.m. (identification check at 10:30).
  • The examination consists of four parts and lasts approx. 195 minutes without breaks and preparation.
  • You can register directly on the website of the TestDaF Institute
  • For this exam we offer a preparation course
  • Further details on TestDaF (model sentences, preparation materials) can be found here

Dates TestDaF and further information

Dates 2023

Examination formatExam dateBooking periodExam will be online*





Fit for the exam: We offer preparation courses for both examination formats.
Digital14.02.2309.01.2023 - 06.02.2023from 14.03.2023
Paper based09.03.2312.01.2023 - 09.02.2023from 20.04.2023
Digital11.04.2306.03.2023 - 03.04.2023from 09.05.2023
Paper based11.05.2322.11.2022 - 13.04.2023from 22.06.2023
Digital13.06.2322.11.2022 - 05.06.2023from 11.07.2023
Paper based26.07.2331.05.2023 - 28.06.2023from 11.07.2023
Digital08.08.2303.07.2023 - 31.07.2023from 05.09.2023
Digital12.09.2307.08.2023 - 04.09.2023from 10.10.2023
Paper based11.10.2316.08.2023 - 13.09.2023from 21.11.2023
Digital26.10.2320.09.2023 - 18.10.2023from 23.11.2023
Digital21.11.2316.10.2023 - 13.11.2023from 19.12.2023
Paper based30.11.2305.10.2023 - 02.11.2023from 11.01.2024


















* The date given here refers to the publication of the results in the participant portal at www.testdaf.de.

You can find this information here as a PDF.



The small print: Cancelling your exam

In case of withdrawal before the registration deadline, we will refund the examination fee minus a processing fee of € 50.00. A later withdrawal is not possible.


Publication of your exam result on the online participants' portal

You will receive your certificate directly via the participants' portal (download).

When choosing an examination date, please note that the evaluation for the paper-based TestDaF usually takes 6 weeks. For the digital TestDaF the evaluation time is approx. 4 weeks.