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Neuer Abendkurs: Deutsch für den Beruf (B2+)

Wir starten am Montag, den 18. August 2014 einen neuen Abendkurs "Deutsch für den Beruf" . Wir bereiten Sie gezielt auf den Einstieg in die deutsche Arbeitswelt vor. Weitere Infos gibt's hier. Sie können sich ab sofort dafür anmelden!

Learn German successfully in Hamburg

So you are going to learn German here at TANDEM? That's a great idea! No matter whether you are a resident of Hamburg or if you are currently planning a language trip to Germany – you will certainly find the most suitable language course here!

And as we are keen on you experiencing an exciting German language course, TANDEM Hamburg is offering regular leisure activities and excursions after class. Welcome to one of the nicest metropolitan cities in Europe – we'll show you Hamburg's most beautiful and interesting sights! 

Please download our flyer about our German courses here.

This is our offer for you:

Standard 20

This is the right language course for you if you...

• are looking forward to having fun learning in an small international group (3-10, on occasion 12 students)

• want to learn German for your studies, your professional career or for any other reason or are on a language or educational holiday

• are currently at a language level equivalent to A1, A2, B1, C1 or C2 (for B2 see Intensive 25)

• want perhaps to prepare for a German exam (Zertifikat Deutsch, TestDaF, Mittelstufenprüfung or the European Language Certificates TELC)

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Intensive 25

This course is the right one for you if you, if you have already reached the end of the language level B1 or on the level B2 befinden (for A1, A2, B1, C1 and C2 see Standard 20).

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Evening Course

We have the right German language course for you if you...

• can join a class to learn German on 2 evenings per weeks for 2 class hours 

• are a resident of Hamburg or environ and would like to improve your competence of this country's language after your working time

• would like to have regular training sessions, but cannot spare the time for an intensive class

• have a job in Hamburg and would like to take advantage of your personal bonus voucher (Prämiengutschein) for language training

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Single training

The best way forward for you if you...

• would like to have an individual and flexible training schedule

• are looking for a great deal of personal support

• have clear learning objectives and wish to progress as fast as possible in a short time

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Almost any Monday can be your first day of class in your German course. Let us test your language level without any cost; afterwards we will invite you for test session in the appropriate course.

Beginners without any previous knowledge of the language may start on the following dates: 

06 Jan 14

 03 Feb 14

 03 Mar 14

 31 Mar 14

 05 May 14

 02 Jun 14

 30 Jun 14

 28 Jul 14

 25 Aug 14

 22 Sep 14

 20 Oct 14

 17 Nov 14

 15 Dec 14

 05 Jan 15*

 26 Jan 15

 23 Feb 15

There are no classes during public holidays.

TANDEM is closed on the following days:
2014: 18 Apr, 21 Apr, 1 May, 29 May, 9 June, 3 Oct and 22 Dec - 4 Jan 15
2015: 03 Apr, 06 Apr, 01 May, 13 May, 25 May, 03 Oct, and 21 Dec 15 - 10 Jan 16

The materials fee: 40.00 €

For the materials fee you will receive your counselling and placement as well as your course materials (the first course book and TANDEM’s own materials), and your final certificate. If you wish, we will also find a TANDEM partner for you.

The levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Our language courses are set up in accordance with the European Framework of Reference for Language Learning; therefore they match international standards and requirements.
We run group courses and single training on levels A1 to C2.

We aren’t just called TANDEM® for nothing.

In addition to our language courses, we organise TANDEM language exchanges, helping you to enhance your skills even further!
Please click here for further information: TANDEM exchange

Exams and certificates

As an accredited test centre, we offer the TestDaF and the TELC certificates; on top of that you can use our own assessments to document your skills.


We have collected some information on visas required for entry into Germany by  citizens from a number of countries.